The Story

Since 1992


Twenty years ago a group of clowns escaped from an Italian travelling circus while they were passing through London on their way to the greatest restaurant in the world in Tokyo. Yes, they were a year early and going the wrong direction but they were clowns. They arrived in Fulham, believing it to be Tokyo clowns are not known for their geography and waited for the greatest clown convention in the world to begin. When they realized their mistake they were mortified, and sad in a way that only clowns can be sad.


After several days of silent crying, buckets of shredded newspaper on each other riding their bicycles in circles they stumbled upon a young man called Teo, it reminded them, uncannily, of their long lost uncle from a village near Naples.


Teo took pity on the poor lost souls and had an idea. To make the greatest restaurant in the world right here in the heart of Fulham, world famous ‘Il Pagliaccio Restaurant’ was born. The clowns where so happy they stayed and became the wonderful staff you see here today.


True Italian Pizza


Tasty Seafood


Our Delicous Pasta